Welcome to Helios!

Submission only

The fight starts standing and there are no points and no advantages awarded during the fight.

If a contender stalls, the position will be reset and the contenders start again from a standing position.

EBI Overtime

If there was no submission, the fight goes to overtime.

Each opponent will get the chance to end the fight starting in the back mount. The fastest submission (or escape) will win the fight.

Gi & No Gi

Helios is a grappling tournament with the Gi (or Kimono) & No Gi.

All techniques are allowed except heelhooks (only in No Gi), spinal cranks, slams and scissor takedowns. Read the full rule set here!

Double KO

Everyone will get 2 fights minimum!


Everyone will be able to contest in the open class for the €100 cash prize!
















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General information


Submission only tournament (with Gi & No Gi!)
No IBJJF rules!


06/10/2018 (Gi) & 07/10/2018 (NoGi)


Gracie jiu jistu Oostende, Leffingestraat 40, 8400 Oostende


Before 25 sept: €25
After 25 sept: €35

First edition

Second edition