•           Submission only!

Submission only in the Gi & No Gi!

(No IBJJF rules!, see below)

  • –   6 minutes fights for White belts / Beginner
  • –   8 minutes fights for the Blue & Elite / Intermediate & Advanced category .
  • –   Finals are 10 minutes long
  • –   The fight starts standing
  • –   No points and no advantages possible

If a contender stalls, the position will be reset and the contenders start again from a standing position.

If there was no submission, the fight goes to overtime.


  •              Overtime

The overtime consist of two parts:

  • –  Contender A takes the back control* of contender B
  • –  Contender B takes the back control of contender A

(*) The back control consists of a seat belt grip and both hooks in.
There are two options: either contender A submits* contender B (1) OR contender B escapes* the position (or the maximum riding time, 2 minutes, is reached) (2).
Either way, the time will be noted.

  •     – (1)  Contender A submitted contender B, there are two options:
    •       –  Contender B can NOT submit contender A –> Contender A wins.
    •       –  Contender B also submits contender A –> The contender with the shortest time required to get the submission, wins.
      (If the noted time of both contenders is equal see ‘Referee stoppage / decision’)
  •     – (2)  Contender B escaped the position, there are two options:
    •       –  Contender B submits contender A –> Contender B wins.
    •       –  Contender A also escapes the position –> The contender with the shortest time required to escape, wins.
      (If the noted time of both contenders is equal see ‘Referee stoppage / decision’)


Maximum riding time: 2 minutes.


  •           Referee stoppage / decision


The referee has the authority to stop a match when either of the competitors are in danger of serious bodily harm as a result of a submission and award the victory to the competitor applying the submission.

If the maximum riding time has been reached for both contenders (2 minutes) OR the noted time from both contenders (submission or riding time) is identical, the fight ends in a draw.
The referee will then decide the winner based on the following criteria in this order of priority:

  •   –   Who was the closest to attaining compelling submissions?
  •   –   Who attempted to achieve more dominant positions and actions?
  •   –   Who pressed the action more?
  •   –   Who had fewest penalties?

Like Dana White always says: Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges.


(*) Escaping the back control:

Whenever the defender successfully moves to any other position, the time is stopped and noted. (Halfguard, full guard, …)

The only time the attacker may move to another position from the back control is, when he fluently moves to an immediate submission. (e.g. from back control, to an arm bar)


(*) Submission:

A victory from a submission technique happens when a competitor forces an opponent into admitting defeat by:

  •   –   Tapping with their hand against their opponent or on the floor in a visible manner
  •   –   Tapping with their feet on the ground
  •   –   Verbally requesting to the referee that the match be stopped
  •   –   If a competitor yells in pain due to the technique being applied

(The rule set is Similar to the Eddy Bravo Invitational (EBI) rule set)

  • Helios uses a single knockout system.

  • Weight classes (Without Gi; with underpants please)
    • –   Middleweight: -80 kg
    • –   Heavyweight: -100 kg

If there are less than 5 people in a weight class, these people will be moved to another weight class.

  •           Divisions
    • –     White / Beginner
    • –     Blue / Intermediate
    • –     Elite / Advanced

  •           Rules

Helios does NOT follow the IBJJF rules!

Instead we keep it simple and old-school! If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • –    No slamming
  • –    No heel hooks (except for No Gi – intermediate and advanced)
  • –    No spinal cranks
  • –    No scissor takedown
  • –    No Insults /disrespectful behavior
  • –    No striking of any kind / No eye gouging / No biting or spitting / No groin attacks of any kind / No hair pulling / No small joint manipulation (3 or more fingers at a time)
  • –    Follow the instructions of the referee at all times
  • –    Using the belt for any type of submission is not allowed
  • –    Putting a finger or any part of the body into any orifice of an opponent is not allowed!

Keep it clean and fair!

Breaking any of these rules will result in an immediate disqualification of the competitor!

If we notice that the competitor is not hygienic, the competitor will also be disqualified.

Hygiene guidelines:

  • –     Toe and fingernails must be cut short and clean.
  • –     Competitors with long hair must keep their hair from interfering the opponent or themselves during the match.
  • –     Skin must be dry and non-slippery. No gels, treatments, body lotions or creams of any sort.
  • –     Any sort of infection that might endanger the others competitors will result in disqualification.
  • –     Kimono’s (Gi’s) must be properly washed, dry and have no unpleasant odors.
  • –     Kimono’s (Gi’s) must be in good condition and not exhibiting tears, wearing or rips.

More info can be found here.

Important: Competing at this tournament is at your own risk. The organization is not responsible or accountable for any injuries that may occur during the event. Nor is the organization responsible for any valuable items that might be stolen or lost, you are responsible for your belongings.